Recruitment of foreign trade part-time salesman

     USR Industries Co., Ltd. Hong Kong USR Group invests in the mainland and is a subsidiary specialized in the production of target='_blank'>inverter generators, RV generators, yachts and marine generators. If you want to know more about our company information, please visit the website (www.usrgenerator .com) In order to expand overseas business and strengthen communication and communication with foreign companies, the company decided to recruit foreign sales clerk. If you want a job with a good salary and not limited by time and area, if you are a college student who is about to graduate or you are unemployed at home, or if you have a child to bring with you, then join us as a part-time clerk. Team! This is a good job opportunity. We will conduct remote induction training for newcomers and will teach you step-by-step how to promote your company's products, how to find the precise customers, and facilitate transactions.

job requirements:

1. Love foreign trade sales, long for success.

2. Diligent, active, serious and responsible.

3. College or college degree or above.

4. Have basic skills in foreign trade and foreign languages, and have strong market development capabilities.

6. Age is between 23-35.



1. Basic salary

2. In order to promote the enthusiasm of part-time clerk, the commission is higher than that of the serving foreign trade clerk. The clerk can choose to make a profit or a commission based on the turnover.


If you meet the above conditions, please go to the website www.usrgenerator Download Center, download the "Job Application Form" and send it to us at Or contact us using the contact information below.


Contact person: Mr. Liu

Phone: 13616088678

WeChat: 13616088678

QQ: 362598271