We are a USR Industries Co.,Limited in Hongkong. Our factory is located in Fuan City China, It is a company specializing in the production of digital Generator,inverter generators, RV generators, yachts and marine generators.

    The company has a many of related patents, and has obtained the right of import and export, This is a company of R & D, production and marketing.The company was established in October 2005 and is located in Qinxiyang Industrial Zone, Fu'an City. It now has a 98-member high-quality talent team, including 3 engineers (Ph.D. and MS), 5 technicians (undergraduates, junior colleges), and inspectors (Large). There are 8 technical secondary school members, 2 advertising designers (undergraduates, college graduates), 8 foreign sales staff (undergraduates, 6 students of English), 3 administrative staff, 72 general workers, 5000 square meters factory, annual production capacity 40,000 Taiwan, with an annual output value of 56 million yuan, the company has formed a complete set of software management systems and corporate culture that are in line with the efficient operation of the company in the past few years of production.

     The company has developed a complete production process from raw material input to finished product shipment. Improve the production efficiency and cost, and purchase a complete set of inspection equipment to ensure the qualification rate of each process in the production process.The company's products have now become serialized, large-scale production, digital inverter generators, RV generators, yacht generators have entered the European and American markets, the company passed the CCC certification in 2006, all products obtained CE certification and European environmental protection RoHS refers to Life, some products also received GS certification.USR digital inverter generator adopts unique inverter technology and uses high-power IGBT inverter frequency of 20KHZ, which is at the international advanced level. It achieves safety, stability, high efficiency and energy saving, low cost, high technology, miniaturization and light weight. Technical excellence, products have been the first to enter the international market, exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa market, both at home and abroad by customers.

     The company is based on people-oriented, committed to innovation to provide customers with better products, in order to achieve a win-win situation for enterprises and customers and work hard.

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