•  Diesel generator 300kW USR300GF
Diesel generator 300kW USR300GF

Product Introduction

Model: USR300GF 300kW

Prime Power kW/kVA 220 275
Standby Power kW/kVA 250 313
Frequency Hz/rpm 50 1500
Voltage V 400 230
Current A 397
Connection / 3P 4W/Y
Rated Power Factor / 0.8
Open Type(L×W×H) mm 3000×1100×1920
Open Type(Weight) kg 2730
Silent Type(L×W×H) mm 4200×1500×2100
Silent Type(Weight) kg 3830

Engine Cummins, including air filters, fuel filters, oil filter, starting motor and charging alternator etc.
Alternator  brushless AC alternator
Radiator Silent Type 50℃(Open Type 40℃), fan protective shroud
Base Frame
≤550KW: base mounted fuel tank, anti-vibration pads, battery holder
>550KW: channel steel base frame, anti-vibration pads, battery holder
Circuit Breaker ≤1250A : Molded case circuit breaker(MCCB)
Control System DEEP SEA 6020
Start Battery Dry charged battery, available for 6 times starts under standard condition; connection cables.
Installation Accessories Bellow, Elbow and flange, Exhaust silencer, etc. 
Tool USR standard
Documents Electric drawing, operation & maintenance manual, certification etc.

Engine Model NTA855-G1A Engine Power 291 kW
Turbocharged , Aftercooled Displacement 14 L
Type In-line Bore×Stroke 140×152 mm
No. of Cylinders 6 Compression Ratio 14.5:1
Governor Type Electronic Governor Rated Speed 1500 RPM
■ Fuel System
Prime Power Fuel
61.3 L/h
Standby Power Fuel
68.3 L/h
Fuel #
ASTM D975 No.2-D or
BS2869 1998 Class A1, A2
Injection System PT
■ Lubrication System
Lub Oil Capacity 38.6 L
Lub # API CF-4 15W40 Max.Temperature 121 ℃
■ Coolant System
Coolant Capacity 66 L Max. Top Tank Temp. 104 ℃
Std. Thermostat
(Modulating) Range
82-94 ℃ Fan Drive Method Shaft drive
Cooling Fan Air Flow 420 m3/min
■ Air Intake System
Combustion Air Flow 21.18/22.74 m3/min
Maximum Air Intake
3.7 kPa
■ Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow 49.56/56.16 m3/min Max.Back Pressure 10 kPa
Exhaust Gas Temp ≤498 ℃ Exhaust Pipe Size φ150 mm
■ Starting System
Start Mode DC24V Electric start Battery 2x150 Ah

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